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Rosetta Stone Romanian

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  • Rosetta Stone was a British pop/rock band which included the ex-guitarist of the Bay City Rollers, Ian Mitchell. The group released two albums and one EP before dissolving in 1984.
  • An inscribed stone found near Rosetta on the western mouth of the Nile in 1799. Its text is written in three scripts: hieroglyphic, demotic, and Greek. The deciphering of the hieroglyphs by Jean-François Champollion in 1822 led to the interpretation of many other early records of Egyptian civilization
  • a part of an inscribed granite stela that was originally about six feet tall and was set up in 196 BC; the inscriptions in hieroglyphics and Demotic and Greek gave the first clues to the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphics
  • A key to some previously undecipherable mystery or unattainable understanding
  • The Rosetta Stone is a fragment of an Ancient Egyptian granodiorite stele whose engraved text provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs. The inscription records a decree that was issued at Memphis in 196 BC on behalf of King Ptolemy V.


  • an eastern Romance language spoken in Romania
  • Of or relating to Romania or its people or language
  • a native or inhabitant of Romania
  • of or relating to or characteristic of the country of Romania or its people or languages; “Romanian folk music”

rosetta stone romanian

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Romanian, Conversational: Learn to Speak and Understand Romanian with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur Conversational)
Romanian, Conversational: Learn to Speak and Understand Romanian with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Schuster's Pimsleur Conversational)
Romanian is spoken by about 22 million in Romania and Serbia, where it is the official language. There are 4 main dialects of Romanian. Pimsleur’s Romanian teaches the Daco-Romanian dialect spoken in both Romania and Moldova in the mass media, in schools, and in colloquial speech and writing.
Romanian, Conversational
Sixteen 30-minute lessons of spoken Romanian language instruction. These sixteen lessons are the same as the first sixteen lesson of Pimsleur’s 30-Unit Comprehensive Program.
Each lesson includes an introductory conversation, and new vocabulary and structures and includes practice for vocabulary introduced in previous lessons.
Essential grammar and vocabulary. Topics include: greetings, numbers, meals, shopping, telling time, scheduling activities, and asking and giving directions.
No mindless repetition! Converse with native speakers in natural (and useful!) conversations.
Easy, fast, fun and effective language acquisition.
Completely Audio – anytime, anywhere. No computer necessary! Unlike expensive software programs which tie learners to a computer, Pimsleur courses are available in CD or mp3 format to meet your needs.
Receive an instant credit of $150 to trade up from the Conversational to the full Level 1 Comprehensive CD course.
Pimsleur® equals success. Just one 30-minute lesson a day gets you speaking and understanding like no other program.

Romanian SKS

Romanian SKS
Romanian SKS with bayonet out

Romanian Photography Clichee

Romanian Photography Clichee
Romanian Photography Clichée

rosetta stone romanian

EuroTalk Interactive - Vocabulary Builder! Learn Romanian
Primarily aimed to meet the requirements of children from 4-12, this package has proved popular with adults too! The beautiful illustrations will improve your whole family’s language skills with various words and phrases. With its 3 main options; learn, games and record, Vocabulary Builder is intuitive enough for children to use and enjoy on their own. Help is available throughout from the friendly tiger who speaks over 49 different languages! “This product is fun and innovative, and will keep the younger learner’s attention for hours. Undoubtedly more effective than traditional formats” – ComputerActive